Buy a BlushDrop in advance of your wedding date so everyone knows about it. Then, video can be uploaded at no cost to your guests throughout your wedding journey. 

Compared to some other DIY wedding video sites, you're not required to pay for editing upfront. You can pay for editing after the wedding, although it's cheaper if you pay $349 in advance. In this case, your $39 BlushDrop account is free. 


Your guest will be totally 'in-the-know' and be aware of the BlushDrop before they arrive. You can put the BlushDrop link we provide you in your email correspondences, or on your Save-The-Date page. This way, guests will know that it's OK to shoot video clips, and that there's a home for their video waiting for them when they get home. 

Peace of Mind

You can assign 'camera operators' before your wedding or just let everyone to grab a few seconds here and there through the day. Every wedding party has one shutterbug: that geek with the awesome cameraphone who is the master of selfies and videos everything. Make sure he or she knows before the wedding and you can rest assured it's taken care of. 

Regardless of whether you purchase your BlushDrop before or after your wedding, you're guaranteed to get an awesome montage of your day shot by your closest family and friends.