If your videos are on your desktop computer, you can simply drag and drop videos into your BlushDrop using the link we provide in your welcome email. But what about video on an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android device? How do you drag and drop?

The Desktop Method

If possible, hook up a cable to your device and try to copy the videos to your computer. Apple doesn't make it easy, but it's possible. Have a techno expert help you.

The Device Method

No desktop computer? No problem!

You'll want to be on WiFi for the next step as you'll be using a lot of data. 

From your device, go to the link provided (www.blushdrop.com/xxx) select upload from Device. It may say Documents. In there are your videos. Select the videos then press Upload. Again, you'll want to be on wifi for this part. 

When the updater reaches 100% your videos are uploaded. 

The BlushDrop is write-only, so you won't be able to see your video or anyone else's videos. Just the bride and groom will be able to see the videos, when they get a unique login and password. 

Click that and navigate to the folder you created, and select all the videos. And you're done!