The BlushDrop Account: $39

For $39 you get your own BlushDrop URL that you can share with friends and family. There is no cost for guests to upload video to your BlushDrop. 

You have access to all of your footage. You can download all the raw footage without restriction. We'll take care of the editing (next step). If you pay for the editing in advance for $349, your $39 BlushDrop account is free. 

The Base Edit Package: $349

The basic package covers up to 10 minutes of raw footage. This includes a fully edited video 2-3 minutes long. You also have access to all the raw footage. 

We require at least 10 minutes of video to guarantee a 3 minute montage. 

Some full service wedding videographers are upwards of $3000. A BlushDrop wedding video starts at $349 including all fees and music licensing. 

Extra footage: $10 per minute

If you provide us with more than 10 minutes of video, your video may be longer. We may need more free music. But with more video, you'll definitely get a better montage.

For example, some people upload the entire ceremony. That's fine too. We'll use as many camera angles as you provide us.


Payment is securely handled through Stripe (preferred), Paypal, or Interac e-transfers (Canada only). 

Once payment is processed, you'll receive your very own BlushDrop link. Share this with all of your friends who will be videotaping your wedding!

Guests can upload as much video as they want at no cost to them. 

There are no hidden fees. 

Pricing and Discounts

If you upload 10 minutes or less of raw video, your BlushDrop edit is included in your base edit package $349. This is in addition to the $39. 

For many couples, the base edit package is enough. 

Each extra minute is $10. You have control over the videos in your Blushdrop before you submit the final selection, so you have total control over the cost. The BlushDrop dashboard will tell you how much your edit will cost before you submit. 

One legal royalty free music track is included which you pick from our large library. 

Pricing Example

Purchase the BlushDrop account for $39. You upload 40 minutes of raw video. The first 10 minutes is included with every base edit package. The balance is quoted at $10 per minute. So, the extra 30 minutes is an additional $300. 

You pay two separate fees to BlushDrop. Everyone pays the base package $39.

If you approve the footage, the base edit package is $349 for 10 minutes of raw footage. Extra minutes are billed out at $10 per minute. So for the example here, 40 minutes of raw footage including the BlushDrop costs $688.

Wedding with 40 minutes of raw footage: $39 + $349 + $300 = $688


One you're happy with the videos, let us know and we'll begin the editing process. Editing should be complete in 4 weeks under normal circumstances. We'll alert you of any delays.

Video file available for downloading: free

Blu-ray delivered in a custom case: $49 including shipping

USB thumb drive of your raw footage: $49 including shipping

Prices subject to change without notice. 

All prices do not include HST for Canadian customers.