Sign up for a BlushDrop base account. Everyone starts with this package. 

Here's a video that talks you through every step to create an account and buy your BlushDrop. 

After you select your BlushDrop and also select your music, you'll receive a link to a private 'file request' page via email within 24 hours. You and your guests can upload their smartphone videos using this link. No password required. Share this link with everyone. 

Once people start to upload their videos, you'll receive a second, private and password protected link. This is where you pre-screen your videos before committing to any extra fees if any. Our base edit package is $395. If you're uploading less than 10 minutes of raw video, your BlushDrop will have no additional fees

If you and your friends and family upload more than 10 minutes of raw video, you still aren't charged yet. You have time to sort your video, delete the tracks you don't want, and order them by changing the file names to chronological order (add numbers to the start like,, etc).