No, and yes, and maybe. 

For the most part, the answer is no! Your friends and guests just use their own camera that comes with the smartphone. For the record, the iPhone 6 camera is astonishing. We recommend that. 

Shoot 720, or 1080, or it may just be called "HD". 

After the wedding, have your guests transfer their video to their computer, then use the BlushDrop link we provide and upload the videos. 

I Don't Have A Computer

In the even that you don't have a computer, you can use your phone or tablet. We STRONGLY recommend being in a WiFi zone, and keep an eye on bandwidth if it's metered. You're about to use a lot of data. 

Install the Dropbox app from Google Play or the Apple App store. It's free to install and free to upload 2 gigabytes of video. That's about 1 hour of regular HD video from a typical smartphone. 

Install the app, and create a folder in your Dropbox called 'wedding video' or anything you want. 

Select the video clips one at a time and select 'send to Dropbox'. 

This will take time. You may be forced to do only one at a time. 

Once all of the video is uploaded to Dropbox, use the BlushDrop link. You'll see a graphic like this:

If you're on a phone or tablet, the only option that will work is the "Choose from Dropbox" option. Select that, and navigate to the folder of your wedding videos. Choose them all and select "Select" or "Upload". Very quickly (in a second or two) all of your videos will be copied from your Dropbox to the BlushDrop. 

Confirm with the bride and groom that they've received the video, and you can delete them from your Dropbox. The video remains on your phone or tablet.