Above all: have fun and make sure your guests have fun. Don't ask anyone to record everything. We only need a few seconds from everyone. 

Choosing Your Videographers

Try to choose more than one smartphone videographer from your circle of friends and family. It's best to have 3 or more. This way, someone is likely to have captured a special moment without you having to worry about prompting just one person to shoot something. An they only have to capture 10-20 seconds at at time. 

Your Friends Want To Help

In fact, it's a great idea to share your BlushDrop web address with all of your guests. One trick is to put it on your WeddingWire or Knot wedding blog. This way, your guests can upload the videos on their own without being prompted by you. That BlushDrop web address is sent to you upon receipt of your base package payment. 

We will also provide you with a free tent card template. This way, guests can upload best-wishes between dinner courses. They want to help! Give them a BlushDrop account and it's free for them to upload as much video as they want. 

A Few Tips

  • Be aware of the photographer! This is very important and will help the day go smoothly. Assuming the couple has booked a photographer, consider they’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to capture their day. Please respect their wishes, and stay out of the photographer’s way. The best way to do it is to keep moving. Don’t stand in one spot, and you won’t block anyone’s shot for long.
  • Shoot horizontal! Also called ‘landscape‘ mode. You want the video to look like it belongs on TV, not SnapChat. The picture, right, of the five iPhones are examples of shooting horizontal.
  • Shoot an establishing shot of all of the venues. Shoot the hair and makeup salon, the hotel, the church and the reception hall.
  • Hold the camera as steady as you can for as long as you can. A good rule of thumb is to count to 10… in reality that may be only five seconds. But that’s better than a second here or there.
  • Don’t turn the camera off during the ceremony if you can avoid it. Let it record for a long time. And definitely don’t stop recording anywhere near the vows.
  • During down time, during the ceremony or reception, take video reaction shots of the guests. You don’t have any control over what they do, but generally, it’s better to have them looking at something as opposed to looking at the camera.
  • Speeches tend to be very dark and very hard to hear (echo) but try to get moments and try to get a laugh. Definitely, try to record all of the bride and groom’s speech. Don’t forget to get reaction shots from the audience or bridal party.

Also, we’ve learned that great video can come from the most unexpected source. That’s why it’s a good idea to book your BlushDrop before your wedding, and, in fact print your BlushDrop link onto your invitations or site like WeddingWire. This way, everyone is potentially a source of your favourite video clip.